GIS on a USB stick.

Announcement: Portable GIS Version 6.0 has been released!

See for more details.

The current set of software includes:

  • Desktop GIS packages QGIS (with GRASS plugin) version 3.4.5

  • MS4W (4.0.0, including Mapserver 7.4)

  • PostgreSQL (version 10.7)/Postgis (version 2.5)

  • Python 2.7 and 3.7

  • Loader- for loading gml such as Ordnance Survey Mastermap into a PostgreSQL Database

  • Geoserver 2.14.4

  • Utilities- portable firefox, pdf reader and text editor

The packages and menu system are all open source, but each component has a separate license. Some of the components have been altered in order to make them drive-letter independent.


  • This is not for production use. In order to keep end user configuration to a minimum there are a number of security holes and as such it should be used for demonstration and home use only.

  • It is also not “stealth GIS”- no attempt has been made to leave no trace on the host system.

Support and Assistance:

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