a cool thing

In which I finally learn how to add a dynamic blogroll to my blog… Those people who read this blog via the website rather than by rss (hi there!) will no doubt be pleased to know that I’ve finally added a blogroll to my site, listing some of the many other blogs that I like. I held back from creating a static blogroll using the built in wordpress tool, because the sites that I like pretty much change daily, and it seemed like there should be a way of reflecting this using google reader’s public pages option.

happy birthday archaeogeek

Tomorrow (Thursday 6th September) is Archaeogeek’s 1st Birthday! Hooray! I won’t be able to post tomorrow as I will be in deepest darkest North Wales learning how to roll my kayak using the power of my mind alone, or something like that. I hope to get a better posting rhythm soon- things are a little fraught at the moment because of things happening in my personal life (my parents and Grandparents have sold their houses in Kent- 300 miles from us, and moved to one big house in Kendal- 18 miles from us), and my work life (our company is also moving offices at the end of September).

tips and tricks

I’ve decided that I’m going to re-integrate the Archaeogeek tumblog into the main blog. Reasoning- I don’t have enough time at the moment to properly integrate the two blogs, and I would imagine that more people subscribe to the main blog rather than the tumblog. I’ll have a “tip day” once a week (don’t know which day yet) and all the tips posts will be tagged so they should be relatively easy to find.

archaeogeek tumblog

A post from Daily Cup of Tech a while ago inspired me to add a “tumblog” to my site, for short-format posts on tips and tricks. I will be posting to this regularly to build up a library of code snippets, linux and windows tips and archaeological information. It’s taking me a while to get it properly integrated into the site, but the feed is working and can be subscribed to separately from the main site rss].


Wordpress is now set up on my new domain www.archaeogeek.com, so this will be my last post from this wordpress.com hosted blog. Next job is to export the existing posts to the new domain, then the new feed should be available at www.archaeogeek.com/atom.xml. I’m going to try and set it up to forward the old address, but in the mean time if you’d like to keep subscribing, that’s the way to go…

moving to my own domain

I’m going to be moving away from a wordpress.com hosted blog in the next few days. I’d like more flexibility with the layout, and I’ve been playing with some cool mapping that I would like to be able to show- what’s the point in blogging about it if I can’t actually let anyone see it! So, this is a three step process. I’ve got to install wordpress on my shiny new www.


These are links that I find invaluable. This is a work in progress so do keep checking in! Oxford Archaeology Website GIS Esri Support Centre for support (obviously) and user contributed scripts and extensions to ArcGIS OSGEO: The Open Source Geospatial Foundation, home of MapGuide Open Source and other projects``


Welcome to Archaeogeek Archaeogeek is about one person’s experiences using modern computing technologies in archaeology, in the UK. My name is Jo Cook, and I am the Information Systems Coordinator at the northern office of Oxford Archaeology, based in Lancaster. My job is pretty varied. It involves sysadmin duties, GIS, databases, and anything else that’s thrown at me. My real passion is building web-based interfaces to maps and data, but more generally I simply want to improve the digital tools and processes that my colleagues have available for doing archaeology.