A post from Daily Cup of Tech a while ago inspired me to add a “tumblog” to my site, for short-format posts on tips and tricks. I will be posting to this regularly to build up a library of code snippets, linux and windows tips and archaeological information.

It’s taking me a while to get it properly integrated into the site, but the feed is working and can be subscribed to separately from the main site rss].

My main incentive for doing this was to make it easier to post little snippets of useful information in a form that is useful to me and hopefully to others. Until now, I had been writing these down in a moleskine that normally resides on my desk at work, but of course when I’m at home that information is pretty useless!

The next plan is to set a shell script on my zaurus (yes I do still use it despite my move to analogue GTD) that downloads a copy of it for offline reference- inspired by a lifehacker article about using wget to download copies of del.icio.us and google notebook for offline use.

The daily cup of tech article is the best to read for instructions on how to do it yourself- the only tip I can add is that if you are on a web host that only allows one database, it is possible to edit your wordpress config file to change the table prefix for the new blog and include multiple blogs in the same database. This does of course lay you open to risks if you break something, so it might be better to pay the extra money for a new database (thus speaks the voice of experience…).