Crikey,  that’s the first time I’ve left it nearly a month between posts! At the moment it feels a little like one of those games you play when you’re a kid, and someone shouts “red” so you go and hit the red post, then they shout “blue” and you dash to blue, then they shout “red” again, then “green” really quick before you’ can catch your breath, and before you know it you’re stuck in the middle unable to move. So what, this happens to everyone, I know, I’m not looking for sympathy.

Many exciting things have been happening though! I’ve kept quiet here about our technical consultancy, OA Digital (though if you’ve seen me speak over the last year you’ll have heard about it), but we’ve been helping to provide open source advocacy services to the Welsh Assembly Government, at the invitation of Environment Systems and One Bright Space, and we’re working on some interesting web-mapping projects involving Roman Kilns, based on PostgreSQL, FeatureServer and OpenLayers, and Planning Applications, using MapGuide Open Source.

That doesn’t leave much time for anything else, but I am also at the final stages of readying Portable GIS version 2 for general release. It has been ready for a while, but I sent it out to some testers, then what do you know, PostgreSQL 8.4 and PostGIS 1.4 came out, so I’ve got some updating to do. The new version has a much swankier interface and a proper installer (with a 500MB exe to download rather than a 1GB zip file- that’s progress).

Finally, for “fun” and in my “spare time”, I’m also working through the GeoBI offerings and Geoserver/PostGIS versioning. There are some good posts brewing on those just as soon as I can find the extra hours in the day…