After a week away on the Isle of Skye in Scotland (with no computers, no phones, great weather and gorgeous landscape, but more midges than any sane person really needs) I had over 1000 rss feed items to read, most of which appeared to be about google (photos of the olympic site or streetview), but a few little gems did stand out:

  1. For the historians and literary types amongst you,  the diaries of Samuel Pepys and George Orwell are being syndicated, one entry a day.

  2. The Geologists really seem to be getting it right where nearly everyone else is getting it wrong (shame the map browser doesn’t work on FF3 though). I’m blown away by how forward-thinking this is and wish we could do something similar for other types of data.

  3. There’s another really good geographically-themed xkcd comic up. Personally I wish all google maps directions were like that…

  4. Finally, if you didn’t catch the announcement about GeoAdminSuite, it looks (at first glance) like a worthy contender in the “organising and visualising your geospatial data” arena.