Two Mondays ago I came into work in the morning to find one of my windows servers no longer booted. The short version  is that all the data was fine, but the windows partition had got itself corrupted. I now have a linux server, and know more about samba and winbind than I ever thought I would need to. No big deal, you might say, but it has been a learning experience for me, and I’m very grateful to my colleagues for their patience whilst I dropped everything else and flailed around in the dark trying to learn the intricacies of samba config from scratch.

I do have one thing to say… if you’re using winbind, remember that it can take at least 20 minutes from startup to work properly. If I’d known that a couple of days ago I’d have posted this much sooner, if you get my drift!

Things that have crossed my path over the last few days that are worth a look: