I’ve been a big fan of google desktop for a while now, not so much for the search options but because I like the gadgets. There’s nothing like the Remember The Milk gadget for making you feel guilty about tasks you’ve put off, and I’m currently addicted to the Twitter gadget. However, for some time, Google desktop refused to let me click any web links, access the options, view my google calendar, open links in google chats etc.

A search of the google group suggested it might work if I set Internet Explorer as my default browser, and it does, which is great except for the fact that I loathe IE7 upwards with a passion. Curse it’s non-default layout and shiny tabs and buttons. However, I finally found a solution:

In registry editor (type regedit at the run prompt), and find the following key:


and change it’s value from the path to Internet Explorer on your system to the path to Firefox.

Now, I guess I ought to caution you about making changes to your registry and how it might accidentally cause your hamster to get run over or similar, so consider yourself cautioned…