I finally got around to a bit of a site re-design last night- it’s a fairly straightforward modification of the original light theme, and sorts out a few issues I’d been having with custom php and text widgets. Actually, I should confess that I’m a complete loser when it comes to the design part of web-design, so I got my web-designer hubby to help with it. Thanks Barry!

Those of you that tend to visit only through your rss reader won’t, of course, be able to see any difference, so if you fancy popping around for a look at the new design, come on in, I’ll put the kettle on.

I also got the site running a little more quickly by disabling a bunch of plugins that I’m not really using. In the process I disabled geopress, which was a shame, but I hadn’t really been using it and it certainly had an adverse affect on the speed of the site.

I’m still very keen to investigate geotagging and georss, but I haven’t yet found the solution that works for me. What I want is something a bit simpler than geopress- I don’t necessarily want the map, just the coordinates embedded in every post, with a default set to my home location and an option to add new coordinates if I’m posting from somewhere else. More tinkering required I think…