Well, my first attempt at getting Mapguide Opensource working on Ubuntu screeched to a massive halt last week with some version conflicts that even the mighty mailing list couldn’t solve. I’m kinda hopeful that if I start from scratch and install only the absoloute basics, then I might avoid the same problem. Unfortunately I can’t get anyone on the list to admit that they’ve successfully managed to install it on Ubuntu, otherwise I could pick their brains mercilessly!

If anyone reading this blog has had success installing Mapguide on Ubuntu, then please let me know in the comments. I promise not to hassle you too much…

On a happier note, Oxford Archaeology now have their first publically available WFS server. I can’t post the address yet until I get permission, but in the first instance it will be serving details about where in the UK we’ve done work. We hope to include more layers soon, but that depends on clearance from other organisations.

The next step will be a nice web interface for the data. I’ve been playing with OpenLayers a lot recently, and that would be the easiest option, but I would like to get Mapguide Opensource up and running because I think the ajax interface for that is about the slickest I’ve seen.