I’m in Southampton for the 2007 Computing Applications in Archaeology UK Chapter Conference. This is always a really interesting and often inspiring get together with a mix of commercial archaeologists such as myself and academic archaeologists (they normally have the best presentations).

There’s wifi available in my lovely salubrious Travelodge room, so I’ll aim to post some feedback on the first day’s talks tomorrow evening. This post is also exciting for me, because I’m experimenting with the Geopress plugin for Wordpress. I first heard about it a few weeks ago but on my train journey today I read Andrew Turner’s great O’Reilly Shortcut book on Neogeography and that convinced me to give it a go…

I have to say that I really enjoyed Andrew’s book. He manages to cover the spectrum of “Neogeography” from the very basic intro to some reasonably high-end ideas such as microformats in a consistently easy and pleasant style. I learnt a lot from it, and there were certainly a few things I’m going to try (Geopress is the first).

Anyhow, here goes with the map: