There are a few blogs that I follow daily that I try and take advice from. Some I read to, well, try and make myself into a better person in general, and some to try and learn how to be a good manager. One that is particularly useful, nay inspirational at the moment is Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project.I am consistently amazed about her ability to be honest about her failures and faults, and the fact that she maintains such an optimistic and constructive outlook. Today’s post is entitled “Tips for Squelching Your Anger” and I wish I had the patience to try out her techniques when stressed or angry!

You GIS-ers out there might wonder why you have to read about such things on Planet Geospatial, but to me it’s all about getting the right attitude, and the ability to work efficiently and productively. If I manage that, I get to play with nice, shiny map-like things, but only if I’m good.

And the manifesto? Worked well today, so let’s hope I can keep it going. These techniques have worked for me in the past, I just have a tendency to drop them when it comes to moments of real stress, which is paradoxically when they should come in most handy.