On this page I’m going to list the books and papers that I find most useful.

**Archaeology Related Texts: **

Digital Archaeology by Thomas L Evans and Patrick Daly

Actually, this is a new book that I haven’t had chance to read yet, but Tom used to be the Head of Geomatics at Oxford Archaeology and did a lot to move the department forward so I’m sure it will be good (and I’ll be buying it myself for sure).

Spatial Technology and Archaeology by David Wheatley and Mark Gillings

This is one of those texts that anyone who is serious about doing good quality geospatial analysis with archaeological data should read.

**Web-Based GIS: **

Web Mapping Illustrated by Tyler Mitchell

For an outline of the whole area of web-based mapping, this is hard to beat. Amongst other things, it gives you the clearest set of instructions for installing PostGres/PostGIS that I’ve seen, and a very useful glossary of MapServer commands.