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QGIS Gets a Mastermap Loader (or: Why Open Source Is So Cool)

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A short case study into flexibility, collaboration, and why open source software is so damned cool:

At my new place of employment, we’re doing a lot of work with Ordnance Survey Mastermap data, so one of my colleagues built a quick python wrapper around the ogr2ogr script to easily pop the data into postgresql, or shape file, or whatever support format you like. This is now available on Github (caveat- it doesn’t do change-only updates yet- we’ll keep you posted on that). After a chance comment on the OSGeo:UK mailing list, our friends at Faunalia, who do great things with Quantum GIS, ported the code into a QGIS plugin.

So- in the space of one week, QGIS gained itself a Mastermap loader, through a simple bit of collaboration. Nice work guys! (Nothing to do with me, I was on holiday). Can you get that sort of flexibility, rapidity and collaboration with (insert your favourite proprietary package here)? I doubt it…