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Easter Round-up

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This week British Telecom ate our SDSL line, meaning we’ve been without phones, email or internet for 2.5 days. Thank goodness for Broadband dongles, though part of me feels uneasy at how impossible it was to do much work without being able to quickly check things on the internet or consult with colleagues.

In the mean time though, there have been another set of interesting posts on my current topics of interest soap-boxes, namely file formats and the openness thereof, and open source business models. Most of them are from Mr Ramsey, but my boss makes a very good point here in response to the argument “who do I sue if things go wrong”? (Answer- no one, check that license before you click on “accept”). Really, if we want to make a change we have to keep banging away at these two issues.

Have a nice Easter everyone, and don’t eat too much chocolate…