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Happy 2009

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OK, so this is a slightly delayed New Year post, partly due to the happy fact that I was without an internet connection for most of Christmas. It’s good to go without sometimes!

My love-affair with Mapfish continues with the news that it’s now possible to integrate the google earth browser plugin into your map. I am really keen to try this out, but there is the problem that there’s no google earth browser plugin for linux yet. So it’s going to be a challenge to build this kind of functionality into a map without it being blatantly obvious that it’s not working for a proportion of the audience. I’ll have to ponder this for a while…

In other news- with luck the UK local chapter of OSGeo will get official approval today.  I’ve been quite quiet on the subject of the chapter here on archaeogeek for a while now, but we have been steadily building support and raising the profile of OSGeo in the UK, mainly through attendance at conferences and seminars. Of course if you don’t know about it already we’re also co-organising the first UK Open Source GIS conference, happening on the 22nd of June this year at the University of Nottingham Centre for Geospatial Sciences.  If you’re interested in either the local chapter or the conference, check out the websites, sign up for the mailing list or otherwise make your presence known- the more the merrier!