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What a Difference a Week Makes

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Well, since my last post, I discovered that my site had been hacked andwas trying to install a trojan on people’s machines (thanks for letting me know, Bill). I got my account suspended by my web hosts as a result, and got into a bit of a spat with them about how they handled it (absolutely nothing on their support site about it, but apparently you’re supposed to tell them IMMEDIATELY when things like that happen). So, apologies if anyone got infected by visiting, I do apologise. I know archaeologists are dirty sorts (it’s all that playing around in the mud), but we’re not supposed to be contagious!

I have also had a great week exploring mapfish and openlayers, as I discussed a couple of weeks ago. It’s been great fun (in an intellectually challenging sort of way) because I have come from a position of almost total ignorance of things like javascript, to being reasonably happy with the map that I’ve produced, and more importantly, I feel as if I understand what I’ve done. This is a break from tradition for me- my normal approach is to take code that I don’t fully understand and hack it till it works. Not this time though! It’s on an internal dev-server at the moment, but as soon as I get an external URL I’ll post it for comment.

I’ve also been exploring google chrome a lot more. When it first came out, I was quite disappointed in it. However, when doing web development and using all those essential firefox extensions, like firebug, httpfox, and webdeveloper, the browser can get a little bloated. So I’m using chrome as my standard browser and firefox for development work. I’ve decided that it’s not that bad- though somehow the time it takes to initially load a page (when it goes through resolving the host and all that) still seems longer than I would expect and I do grow impatient with it. I had also trained myself to use ubiquity, and to “ctrl-space” anything that I wanted to look up, but of course that doesn’t work at all…