I had a lightning-fast trip to Nottingham on Tuesday to do a short talk on OSGeo and the role of Local Chapters at the Centre for Geospatial Science’s Geospatial Web Services Workshop. I wish I had been able to attend more of the workshop, as it looked pretty good, but alas I was holidaying at the time. All the presentations were recorded as webcasts and are available on the website. The Centre is looking for feedback on how well this approach works, so do check it out. Unfortunately the firefox browser isn’t supported, which is a fairly large limiting factor in my book.

Below, with luck, is an embedded version of my very short presentation (which is probably of no use whatsoever without my notes, but hey):

So, as always, if you’re interested in being part of the nascent UK Local Chapter for OSGeo then sign up for the mailing list and check out the wiki. I have some ideas for things that we might get involved in and I’ll be developing them over the next couple of weeks and I’ll post just as soon as I can make some coherent sense of them.