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Very Small and Nervous Fanfare

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Well, I guess I shouldn’t really put it off any further…

The very first release of Portable GIS is now available for download here. Phew! While you don’t have to register to download, it would be nice if you did, so I know who is interested and can contact about updates. No spam, I promise.

For people that don’t read the readme: this is not cross-platform, it’s for windows only. Unzip it and move the folders inside to the root of a USB stick, then double-click on the menu exe to access the programmes.

Edit: don’t forget to run the setup programmes for those that need it to change to the correct drive letter.

Note the big disclaimer: Be nice- it’s working as far as I can tell, but there might be issues and I’ll try and address them as soon as possible but this isn’t my full-time job.

Note also that very soon I’ll be moving the hosting and maintenance of this to somewhere else, which is why there are different email addresses in the package. Use those, or contact me here, it’s fine…