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Portable GIS Continues Apace

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One of the things that I wanted to do with my portable GIS was to include a menu on the USB stick to tie everything together and provide easy access to the configuration files. The first option I looked at was PStart, but that’s not open source and has quite a limited license. Luckily (again) a saviour has come along, in the shape of Tim Fehlman’s USB Drive Menu. This started off as freeware but he has now made it Open Source so it’s ideal.

It’s built using AutoIT, which I hadn’t paid much attention to, until now, but it was remarkably easy to understand and use, even if I am a bit of a voodoo programmer as one of my colleagues calls it :–)

So now I have a working menu, apart from the fact that I have to find out what sort of license Tim wants to use and how he wants to be credited. We’re getting there…